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It's Nice To Be Nice

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I wanted to share this awesome email I received the other day (I've had Sean's permission). One of the best things about running a label is seeing how far and wide releases go. I've sent stuff all over the world. Sean live in Portland and has a keen interest in the happenings of the UK underground scene. He said such kind works about Box Records. It's genuinely one of the most flattering emails I've ever received doing this.


I think your assessment of the election here is completely accurate, both candidates were unfit to occupy such an important position. For better or worse, the President of the US impacts the lives of most people on the planet in some way, and that is why the complacency that led to the two choices is so utterly terrifying. In fact, Bernie Sanders was robbed of his opportunity by the Clinton corruption apparatus, and that is one of the worst parts of the whole event. These are strange times to be an American. Most of us awoke the day after the election with a deep sense of concern for the future. Trump is a simpleton and piece of shit. He will be far more dangerous than George W. Clinton is dishonest and also incredibly dangerous to world security. Buckle your seat belt, it's going to be a bumpy ride. The only saving grace is that this nation often produces it's best music and art during protest times. Punk, hip hop, Jazz, the Blues, electronica and even Rock n Roll are all products of the middle and lower class suffering and expression of angst. Hopefully we'll all be around long enough to enjoy what comes next.

Thank you for all that you do at Box Records. It's not often that a record label comes around and consistently produces great material, at least not these days. I grew up sneaking into CBGB's in New York as a kid, seeing amazing bands and listening to great indie music on labels like touch n' go records, K records, alternative tentacles, sub pop, etc. I then learned about all the amazing music coming out of the UK in 80's. Once I was turned on the likes of Coil, Nurse with Wound, Throbbing gristle and and the like, I gained a new appreciation for the music underground in the UK. I've been paying attention (as best as I can) ever since (shit, that's 30 years now) and the stuff coming out of your label is fantastic. I haven't purchased a record from you that isn't great. Blown out is simply fabulous and Terminal Cheesecake returning to action is also a dream come true. I'm really enjoying the new Cheesecake album. Once again, many thanks.

If any of your acts get the chance to tour the States before the apocalypse. Feel free to reach out to me if they come to Portland. At the very least I'll hook them up with a free meal as I am an investor in a group that owns some of the best restaurants in the city, and this is a very good town for restaurants. I'll keep my eyes open for the new Blown Out album, and once it comes, I'll be spinning it at my buddies restaurant where he and I get together and play music while discussing art, politics, the merits of gun ownership, Oprah ... you know, all the important shit.