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New Casual Nun Track 'Stripes' Premieres On The Quietus

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A new track from Casual Nun's forthcoming new album 'Psychometric Testing By...' premiered today on The Quietus.


"The track is an eight-minute doom-inflected stomper, punctuated by guitar squalls and Vasili Sakkos' curious, submerged vocals. The album, meanwhile, sees the band embracing a more improvisational approach to their writing and recording process, with the entire recording having come from one session at Bear Bites Horse, the studio of Shitwife's Wayne Adams - the same session that also led to their debut album, Super Fancy Skeleton."

Listen to 'Tusk' by Casual Nun! New album Psychometric Testing By on the way!!!

Casual Nun have launched into 2017 with the announcement of a new album Psychometric Testing By... which will be release late Feb/early March by Box Records.Listen to brand new thumper 'Tusk', the albums opening track. It's a short one, but it packs a punch and will leave you with a trip strong enough to get [...]

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