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  • Necro Deathmort - EP2

Necro Deathmort - EP2 | 12" vinyl


Product Description

EP2 explores the heavier end of the NDM sound in what is fair to say a crushing behemoth of a record, with artwork by Thomas Neulinger. 

EP2 features (but isn’t limited to) a sluggish (and slugging) dark groove, HUGE crashing drums, drenched in echo (Sundive), dirgey windswept, creepy as hell, eerie synth, degenerating into yer classic riffing abstract, pummeling DOOM (Mirus), glitchy stuttering loops and fuzzed-out electrodoom poundage (Channel Fever), epic, imposing, startling and all round just raw and heavy as fuck 16-rpm black metal, (Bleeding), desolate sirens, dejecting synth and fucked layers of electronic drone (Deadlight), and a sorrowful creeping dread John Carpenter-style drum pounder that climaxes into a bleak nothingness (Aer).

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